Fast prototyping and quality development. Technical assistance with non-trivial issues. 24x7 support.

Reliable service. Quick response times. Precise planning.

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General software development

Ready to help when it is important to produce a working prototype by a given date.

Modern technology stack.

Consistent, responsive, clean user interfaces on mobile, tablet, desktop devices.

Data insights, Big Data

We are converting data into useful insights.

Algorithms for machine learning. Neural networks, genetic algorithms, SVMs.

Fast, distributed and parallel processing of high volumes of data.

Financial applications

High-volume, low latency API - development and integration.

Algorithms to describe and price products, assist with automated decision making, construct term sheets and documentation.

DevOps, Automation, Security

Fully automated deployment, maintenance, testing and verification of all software we produce.

We choose software components carefully to maintain security of our solutions.


Extensibl provides full, 24x7 support for your applications and servers.

Network infrastructure, hosting

Performant hosting, low latency network infrastructure are offered to all clients.

We are actively looking to expand our team.

If you have strong skills in software development and related areas, please send your resume to .

Knowledge of mathematics or interest in finance would be advantageous.