Developers of blockchain, financial, AI applications

Personal, reliable service

Free first consultation.

Fast prototyping, development, setup. Ready to help when it is important to produce a working prototype by a given date.

Technical assistance with non-trivial issues.

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Modern technology

Python, Haskell, Erlang, Ur/Web are among the tools we use daily.

Our preferred technology stack includes Haskell and Ur/Web for a good reason - strongly typed languages with clever compilers allow to build and then support high-quality, secure software easily.

We use open-source software in our work. Check our contributions at github.com/extensibl

Smart contracts. Banking. Insurance. Crowdsourcing

Create your own, fault-tolerant currency based on Ethereum. Run an organisation using automated contracts. Run insurance company with lower risk of fraud.

Healthcare records with trustless privacy

Create reliable, decentralised, modern data depositories and exchanges.

IoT, Voting, social applications

Run important infrastructure using distributed, secure applications. Avoid censorship or third party interference.

Design, structure, pricing of products

Precisely describe and price products, use consistent valuation and calculation algorithms, automatically construct term sheets, documentation.

Advanced data analysis

Make automated decisions quickly, utilize state-of-the-art algorithms for machine learning and natural language processing.

Custom APIs, algorithms, integrations

Custom implementations, integrations with existing software and protocols.


We provide full support for applications developed by us and third-party applications.

That includes any ongoing development, maintenance and incident response.


Cost-effective, performant, reliable hosting as well as server management are offered to all clients.

We use best available infrastructure in datacentres located in Australia, United States, Europe, Japan.


We choose software components carefully to maintain simplicity and security of our solutions. We use OpenBSD on our servers when it is possible.

Combined with proactive monitoring and rapid incident response speed, that eliminates many security risks.


For short engagements with no ongoing commitment Extensibl charges NZ$135/hour.

Development & Operations

Hourly price for general software development is NZ$120.

Discounts are available for clients who provide minimum time commitments.

All clients can manage expenditure based on either full-project or per-month budgets.

Service level agreements

Service level agreements are available for clients, who need guaranteed response times.

Monthly prices can vary from NZ$250 to NZ$4000 depending on response time and window (business hours only or 24x7) required.

We are actively looking to expand our team.

If you have strong skills in software development and related areas, please send your resume to .

Knowledge of mathematics or interest in finance would be advantageous.